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½ Mil clear polyester coated both sides with 1.5 mils premium solvent acrylic adhesive and a 90# polycoated liner on both sides.


Designed for use as a spacer stock and as a flexible membrane switch for other applications calling for a doublecoated polyester.

Physical Properties:

Carrier: ½ Mil clear polyester
Adhesive: 1.5 Mil solvent acrylic both sides
Liner: 90# polycoated release liner one side / 76# One side
Total Thickness: 16.5 Mils (+ or – 10%)


Stainless Steel 4.0 psi

Chemical Resistance: Good

Service Temp: -30 To 225 Degrees F
Application Temp: 50 Degrees F

Shelf Life: 1 Year @ 70 Degrees F @ 50 Rh
Standard Web Width: 26”
Standard Sheet Size: 26” x 38”

This information is based on test data and is to be used only as a guide not absolute values. As with all adhesives the customer should test to be sure the products meet the required application.

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