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HTE-2-53 Adhesive

The 53 adhesive is a new generation, high tack emulsion acrylic adhesive designed for adhesion to difficult surfaces such as untreated polyethylene and nylon fabric. Typical applications would include two-sided tapes, unsupported transfer adhesive, and polyolefin labels. This adhesive exhibits high tack and shear values while also providing extremely high peel values.

Physical Properties:

Adhesive thickness: 2 mils

Adhesion to:

Stainless Steel-15 minutes 7.2 lb
Stainless Steel-24 hours 8.0 lb
HDPE-15 minutes 5.7 lb
HDPE-24 hours 7.1 lb

Shear Value: 22 hours

Chemical Resistance: Good

Service Temperature: -40 ° to 176 ° F
Minimum Application Temperature: 0 ˚ F
Shelf life: 1 year at 70˚ F @ 50% RH

This information is based on test data and is to be used only as a guide, not absolute values. As with all adhesives, the customer should test to be sure the products meet the required application.
Adhesion test is based on PSTC-1, 180˚ Peel adhesion procedures. Shear test is based on PSTC-7 procedures.

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