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DC1000 Double Coated Polyester Permanent Adhesive


½ Mil clear polyester coated with 1 Mil permanent solvent based acrylic adhesive on both sides and a 60# Liner.


POP displays, nameplates, mouse pads, industrial mounting adhesive.
Physical Properties:

Carrier: ½ Mil clear polyester
Adhesive: 1.0 Mil solvent acrylic both sides
Liner: 74# liner (3.5 Mils)
Total Thickness: 2.5 Mils (+ or – 10%)

Adhesion to:

Stainless Steel 4.5 psi
PVC 4.0 psi
Polystyrene 4.0 psi
Low Surface Energy Plastic Not Recommended

Chemical Resistance: Good
Service Temp: -40 To 225 Degrees F
Application Temp: 50 Degrees F
Shelf Life: 1 Year @ 70 Degrees F @ 50 Rh
Standard Rolls: 27” X 750’

Custom Widths And Lengths Available.

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