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A1660 Transfer Adhesive


1 Mil solvent based unsupported acrylic adhesive with high shear and bond characteristics, coated on a 60# moisture stable release liner.


To provide a pressure sensitive adhesive for a wide variety of substrates such as, various plastics, glass, metals,board stock, etc. It is an excellent adhesive for the graphic arts industry and POP signage.

Physical Properties:

Adhesive: 1.0 Mil Acrylic
Liner: 74#

Adhesion to:

PVC 4.2 psi
Stainless Steel 4.0 psi
Polystyrene 3.0 psi
Low Surface Energy Plastics – Not Recommended

Chemical Resistance: Good
Service Temp: -40 Degrees to 225 Degrees F
Minimum Application Temperature: 50 Degrees F

Shelf Life: 2 years at 70 Degrees F @ 50 RH
Standard Rolls: 27” X 540’

This information is based on test data and is to be used only as a guide not absolute values. As with all adhesives the customer should test to be sure the products meet the required application.

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